“The Asian Sorority Club is a membership club exclusively for Asian women in the UK. Members can attend regular events and masterclasses and enjoy taking part in fundraising activities and challenges for our chosen charity”.

Making lasting connections is at the heart of everything we do at The Asian Sorority Club.

Often, some Asian women don’t know anybody when they join, sometimes they come with friends – either way, most members find that within a short time they are making new friendships that last a lifetime.

For some women it is the regular night out that allows them to take a night off and be themselves.

If nights out have become a thing of the past, and you are raring to let your hair down, then The Asian Sorority Club might just be what you are looking for.

Or if you already have an active social life, joining The Asian Sorority Club will extend your network, so you are never faced with a quiet night in!

Finding time to be yourself is a consistent challenge for modern Asian women – with demanding jobs, full family lives, and caring duties for loved ones, these are realities that many women deal with every day.

Taking time out to recharge your batteries, relax and just be you is becoming, a modern-day luxury.

Yet if you join The Asian Sorority Club, you are guaranteed to be able to do just that at least two to three times a month!

With members all over the UK, each local Asian Sorority Club has their own social calendar, and these are at the heart of the groups activities.

Examples of what some of our clubs organise range from:

Bollywood Cinema nights

Dinner in the city nights – sometime we invite a health and beauty expert to come along and talk to us

Spa evenings

Getting glammed up and attending events such as horse-racing

Ten-pin bowling

Previews of jewellery collection

A girls night in .. at a fashion store

Wine tasting and many more fun activities and weekend getaways!

For others, its getting involved in events, and working as a team to accomplish something extraordinary.

Either way, what most of our members find is that the friendships they form at The Asian Sorority Club extend into a trusted, supported network that soon becomes part of their everyday life.

Taking on fresh responsibilities can lead to opportunities to grow in all sorts of ways.

Whether you help to organise eventstake a committee post, or just share experiences with fellow Asian Sorority members, every club can offer chances to develop new skills at a level you are happy with.

Regardless of your reason for getting involved, we can promise you a warm welcome, and a group of firm friendships just waiting to be made.