Thank you for checking out our website and welcome to The Asian Sorority Club.

The Asian Sorority Club is a membership club exclusively for Asian women in the UK. Members can attend regular events and masterclasses and enjoy taking part in fundraising activities and challenges for our chosen charity.

The Asian Sorority Club is a modern, vibrant and exclusive club for Asian women just like you !

We want to offer the best opportunity for Asian women to connect with each other, have a great time, and raise money for charity.

The Asian Sorority Club local groups meet twice a month (as a minimum guaranteed) to get involved in a wide variety of fun activities and charity events.

Socially, local Asian Sorority Club groups put their own events calendar together, this is to ensure the activities selected reflect the preference of their members.

Fundraising is chosen every year by its members but there are opportunities to fundraise for local charities.

Asian Sorority members join us because they want to make new friendshave lots of fundo things they might have never done or experienced before, and to put something back into the community, all at the same time.

Members stay because what they find is a ready-made group of friends, from all walks of life, who allow them to just be themselves.

Whether your new to the area, or are just looking to broaden your social life, The Asian Sorority Club is a perfect way of getting more out of life and learning along the way.

Our first club was formed in the London and with members from all over the UK, more clubs are being set up in Leicester, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds.

Join us today and what you will find is an openinclusive and exciting club that can’t wait to welcome you on board.

But don’t just take our word for it.

Link up with an Asian Sorority Club and let our current members tell you why they have made The Asian Sorority Club a part of their lives.